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IKEA is more famous than Sweden, so we sometimes say we come from the IKEA country. Our Swedish design roots are like IKEA's: creating value for the many and simplifying for perfection with sustainability at the core.

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Blink has worked as a design agency to develop retail concepts for some of the world´s most successful thought leaders on the client side: Albert Heijn, Target, Samsung, Tesco, ICA and more. We have learned a lot from them, and you will benefit from that when working with us.

Team with
unique value
creating mix

Senior strategists and project managers working alongside super creative designers, engineers and builder partners in the crossroads of 3D, 2D and digital.

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Why leading retailers turn to Blink
Retail design that creates real value
Blink delivers retail design that works commercially – not just flagships or brand concept stores. We have a uniquely strong portfolio in food retail for major retailers in the US, the UK, the Netherlands and in Scandinavia.
Shopping made easier – at the right price point
We are experts in “new value” concepts – mixing great deals with spots of high touch into a modern value proposition. Sweden is the home of IKEA, H&M and Skype – it is in our DNA to create modern and exciting simplistic designs for the many.
Real omnichannel customer journeys
Blink’s unique competence mix with physical and digital retail know-how enables us to truly master next generation customer journey design, where physical and digital shopping merge into a seamless experience.
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