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We are lucky enough to practice our craft for a living, and take great pride in solving important and challenging client problems together. This way we create value to our clients and to ourselves. Hope you agree!

Current opening

Internship 2D/3D Motion & Video

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Blink is the Swedish retail design agency working with demanding clients across the globe like Target (USA), ICA (Sweden), Samsung, Rewe Group (Europe) and Albert Heijn (Holland).


You are an amazingly talented graphic designer/video artist and visualizer, probably in the beginning of your career.


Your edge: visual story telling, mainly in combining motion graphics and moving images. It is easy for you to learn and master different 2D/motion graphics/video editing programs and platforms. You are structured and have a strong artistic craftsmanship when it comes to creating great looking motion graphics and short films.


  • Adobe suite

  • 2D Motion graphics

  • Video editing - Pre/post production & grading


  • 3D Animation/Visualization

  • Content creation and curation for social media channels


If you are interested, please send an application with your CV and cover letter to talent@blinkthedesignagency.com with the subject “Designer Intern”.