Blink Concepts

Communicating in the blink of an eye

Blink design concepts should communicate category leadership in the Blink of an eye. First to the heart, then to the brain and make people do things - like shop. This is why we are called Blink. This design philosophy has acted as our guiding star since foundation ten years and 250 successful projects ago.


Connected customer experiences

Blink blends retail, service and digital connectivity into new, emotionally engaging experiences that people love to be part of, spend money at and return to.

Digital opportunities

Digital opportunities,
New competition,
New customer needs & wants

Concept design and innovation

Business development

Customer insights

Retail strategies

Customer journeys

Spatial design

Retail concepts

F&B concepts

New formats

Communication design

Visual identities

Digital touchpoints

Hierarchy, systematics

Service design

Service rituals


New services

Customer offer

Concept design
& innovation

We help customers embrace change and re-invent their customer experiences triggered by things like new digital opportunities, changed customer needs & wants and more. Blink delivers output in the form of business development, spatial design, communication design and service design.

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