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24hr Cosmetics Vending Machine by LUSH

Lush vending machine installed in London, near King's Cross Station
Image Courtesy of LUSH


At Coal Drop's Yard in London, close by the King's Cross Station, Lush opened its 24-hour automated retail experience that offers their products at any time, day and night. They wanted to explore the use of vending machines because Japan, known as the "home of vending machines", is their second largest market. With the 24-hour operation, Lush targets customers who cannot access their stores during the normal opening hours. The vending machine is created by Anmac, an automated retailing company, and it features a sustainable design with a 360º experience, powered with low energy output.

Blink's Sustainable Retail Insights

Lush uses creative solutions to make positive environmental impacts by using eco-friendly packaging, sustainable raw materials, by recycling, being water and energy-efficient, and most importantly, communicating sustainability throughout their business. Since a vending machine takes up a significant amount of energy to keep it running, Lush is helping to reduce energy waste by using a low energy output for their vending machine. ‍*Vending machines typically consume an average of 2,700 kWh of energy annually (Reference from a publication by Health Care Without Harm). ‍


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