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Cleaning Refill Stations by Ecover

A hand using Ecover refill bottle for laundry
Image Courtesy of Ecover of IF Design Awards


Ecover is on a mission to lead a clean world revolution. They offer laundry, dishwashing, household, and personal care products that are made of biodegradable plant-derived substances, manufactured in a zero-waste ecological factory, and packaged in recycled plastic that is refillable. They aim to "close the loop” to the use of plastic, and with 700 refill stations across the UK (including one in Germany), they are helping to get rid of plastic waste.

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Ecover aims to help people refill their Ecover bottles over 3 million times in the UK by the end of 2022, which would be the equivalent of one refill every 10 seconds. It is important to keep our household clean, but why not help clean the world while we are on it? With Ecover, the idea is to save marine life using biodegradable ingredients in their products and to lead the "refillution” together with consumers to reduce plastic footprint. ‍*In 2016, less than half of all plastic bottles were collected for recycling and only 7% of those were turned into new bottles. An estimated 12.7 million tons end up in oceans each year (The Guardian via Ecover).


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