Climate Pledge Friendly Label by Amazon

By Blink Insights

December 21, 2022

Image Courtesy of GreenBiz

Image Courtesy of GreenBiz

In March 2022, Amazon launched Amazon Aware, its private label assortment that is under the “Climate Pledge Friendly” program that plans to achieve net-zero carbon by 2040. The Amazon Aware label includes product categories such as apparel, home, and beauty, certified as carbon neutral. Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly label signifies that the products that are certified by one of the sustainability certifications featured on Amazon’s certification page or by their own certifications. Beauty products are tested by dermatologists and feature ingredients free of chemical concerns. Home products are made with certified organic cotton and are manufactured under a process with reduced environmental impact. Apparel products are made from recycled materials featuring third-party certifications.

“It’s the best way for sustainability to get to scale in a way that hasn't happened yet.”

-Cyrus Wadia, Amazon's Head of Sustainable Product

Blink’s Sustainable Retail Insights

As customers, choosing between the so-called green products may be confusing. However, with the launch of Amazon Aware, Amazon is bringing timeless, everyday products—plus sustainability attributes—into customers’ daily lives.  

*The Climate Pledge was co-founded in September 2019 by Amazon and Global Optimism. The pledge highlights products that are certified by one or more of the program’s qualifying sustainability certifications, including Amazon’s Compact by Design or Pre-owned Certified certifications (Amazon).

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