Coffee Pod Recycling Scheme by Morrisons x Podback

By Blink Insights

December 8, 2022

Image Courtesy of Morrisons

Image Courtesy of Morrisons

Morrisons is the first retailer to offer a coffee pod recycle service in partnership with the recycling scheme Podback. Podback bags are available for free pickup at the customer service desks in Morrisons and brought back home. After it is filled, the bags can be dropped off at any Collect+ points around the UK and all postage back to Podback is free of charge. The collected aluminum pods are recycled and made into new products.

Blink's Sustainable Retail Insights

Podback is the first coffee pod recycling scheme of its kind in the UK. In doing a partnership with retailers like Morrisons, progress towards ensuring recycling coffee pods will be made simpler and more convenient. Moreover, with more people purchasing coffee pods, this recycling scheme is crucial in helping to make them become second nature.

*Sales of coffee pods have increased by 32% from pre-pandemic levels, as more people have worked from home.

Read more about how the recycling scheme works on the Morrisons website.

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