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Draught Craft Beer Concept by Asda

Craft on Draft bar inside Asda grocery store
Image Courtesy of Asda


Asda, the UK supermarket chain, announced that it will become the first UK grocery to launch a draught craft beer concept. Asda is partnering with Craft on Draft, a retailer exclusively selling craft beers and ciders. The business model allows customers to select their preferred drink to be freshly pumped and poured into refillable 1L or 2L glass containers. The specialized containers can be kept and used or returned to the store with deposit refunded, therefore reducing the waste of beer bottles and cans.

Blink's Sustainable Retail Insights

This concept of refillable draught beer is unique and exciting yet sustainable for shoppers. By bringing a range of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that are unlikely to be found in other stores, it allows shoppers the chance to pick new flavors and make small changes in their everyday life to help them shop sustainably. ‍*The largest single impact of the beer industry is refrigeration at retail, which handles 25% of the carbon footprint. Serving draught beer, directly from a keg or cask, eliminates the need to be stored in bottles or cans, helping to cut back environmental impacts.


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