Electric Forecourt® by Gridserve

By Blink Insights

December 22, 2022

Image Courtesy of Gridserve

Image Courtesy of Gridserve

Gridserve, a tech-enabled sustainable energy business in the UK, opened a new compact Electric Forecourt® in Norwich as part of a £1 billion UK-wide investment in charging infrastructure network. The charging hub is supplied by 100% renewable energy and hosts 36 electric vehicle (EV) chargers, with 22 high-power chargers capable of adding up to 100 miles of range within five minutes. The station also serves as an EV experience destination, allowing visitors to find out more about electric cars, test drive the latest EVs from the biggest brands, and encourage the switch to electric vehicles.

Blink’s Sustainable Retail Insights

With this business idea, it paves the way for zero-emission to cut air pollution in the city and for mass EV adoption in accordance with the UK's 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars.

*Petroleum-based vehicles consume around 17% of hydrocarbon fuel worldwide and are liable for 23% of all CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (Decision Analytics Journal Volume 4,2022).

Find out more about the Electric Forecourt® on Gridserve.

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