Future of Farming by CAN-Agri

By Blink Insights

December 7, 2022

Image Courtesy of CONNECT-IT

Image Courtesy of CONNECT-IT

Clean Air Nurseries Agri Global (CAN-Agri) is a vertical, hydroponic, greenhouse farm and producer based in South Africa that uses innovative farming technologies to produce superior quality organic food—100% free of pesticides. They use less land, water, and energy than traditional farms by growing produce in a climate-controlled greenhouse. The system they use is vertical farming, which uses 95% less water than traditional farming and makes year-round farming possible.

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Being able to control and maintain the atmosphere in the greenhouse is ideal for shorter growth cycle, improved production quality and consistency. The vertical, hydroponic farm of CAN-Agri has benefits such as small footprint, less waste, less transportation, consistent quality, real-time data, automated operations, and zero environmental impact.

*The emission of greenhouse gases comes primarily from transportation, refrigeration, and the use of fertilizers. Cultivation in greenhouses often means that far lower quantities of pesticides are needed than when the plants are grown in the open, because humidity and insects can be controlled in other ways (Livsmedelsverket Swedish Food Agency).

Read more about Can Agri on their website.

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