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Healthy Food Robot by BOLK and Monoprix

A person ordering a salad from screen of Bolk robot
Image Courtesy of The Spoon


At the Monoprix Opéra store in Paris, a healthy food robot was introduced in cooperation with the Monoprix store and the company BOLK. The robot creates serves 350 different combinations of healthy and tasty salads either A la carte or tailor-made just for you. The food is served in a minute, using 100% recyclable packaging. The BOLK company has announced that they will donate 1% of their profit to 1% For the Planet campaign which purpose is to fight for planet preservation.

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The idea of food from vending machines does not sound totally new to us, but a machine that creates and serves fresh food on the spot does. The food served is good to eat, and good for the planet, supporting customers to limit their carbon impact (with use of recyclable kraft bowls and bamboo cutlery). BOLK reduced their meat supply to reduce their carbon emissions (1kg of beef = emission of 27 kg of CO2). The BOLK company, a member of 1% For the Planet association, is the first food company to get involved. For every €100 of turnover, they donate €1 to the association. ‍*Animal production accounts for almost 15 percent of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions (Livsmedelsverket Swedish Food Agency).


Graphic elements of Bolk
Image Courtesy of Typetop

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