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Lighting engineered from salvaged wood by Stickbulb

Salvaged wood from New York City
Image courtesy of Stickbulb

Stickbulb creates light fixtures from salvaged trees in New York City

Did you know that some 1,000 buildings in New York City constructed with old-growth wood are demolished annually? This is equivalent of 5.5 statues of liberty worth of wood ending up in landfills. Stickbulb pioneers a new supply chain of salvaged trees in NYC. TREELINE is their first consumer product ever made to be made out of salvaged pin oak from NYC forest, a lighting fixture of three iconic wood finishes of black, natural and white. Stickbulb works with the NYC Parks Department and Brooklyn wood supplier Tri-Lox to divert this waste stream to TREELINE.


Trees are the closest nature in the city, very crucial to the urban environment and human well being. Sustainable innovation happens when the materials go through a full cycle in a local environment. "No one wants to talk about trees getting removed or dying in the city. Everyone wants to talk about how are we going to plant more trees – both of these are important conversations to have." Stickbulb co-founder said, in an interview with Dezeen. Stickbulb constructs light fixtures out of wood from locally demolished buildings, dismantled water towers, and fallen trees coming from within a mile or two from their studio. It opens without tools to provide clear visibility and access to all components, ensuring easy maintenance, repair, and end-of-life processing.


Restaurant using stickbulb lighting
Image courtesy of Stickbulb

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