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Meat Labeling System by Lidl

Three meat with Lidl's meat labeling system
Image Courtesy of Meat Management/ Edited by Blink the Design Agency


The German grocery chain, Lidl, developed the welfare compass, laying the foundation for the animal welfare label used in food retail today (information taken from Schwarz Group's press release). Lidl's welfare label gives customers details on how the animals have been raised (farming system), for customers to make more informed decisions when shopping.

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‍Transparency in business allows consumers’ trust, resulting in repeated purchases, to yield long-term customer loyalty. Because Lidl committed to animal welfare, they are being mindful if their products are responsibly sourced, supporting a farming process which is more sustainable for the planet. ‍* According to Lidl's research, 71% have said that they want retailers to be more transparent with the information displayed on the packaging.


Five kinds of Lidl's meat labeling system
Image Courtesy of Lidl

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