Regenerative Bread Loaves by M&S and Wildfarmed

By Blink Insights

November 30, 2022

Image Courtesy of Wildfarmed

Image Courtesy of Wildfarmed

Marks & Spencer partnered with Wildfarmed to launch a regenerative bread range, for consumers to easily choose products that benefit the earth, as well as their taste buds. Wildfarmed is a UK national retailer that sells flour farmed without any 'cides, aiming to restore soil and biodiversity. Wildfarmed works with farmers who embrace regenerative approaches to restore biodiversity, soil and health of the ecosystem. The bread selection is available across 500 M&S stores and via Ocado.

Blink's Sustainable Retail Insights

By aligning sustainable retail values with partners throughout their supply chain, M&S is supporting to drive farmers, food retailers, and consumers to make agriculture a solution, not a contributor, to the environmental crisis.  

*Agriculture is said to be the second biggest (after energy) industry that emits greenhouse gases (Ritchie and Roser, 2020). Global agriculture withdraws more than 70% of all surface and groundwater, leading to water pollution (FAO 2021b).  

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