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Rental Service for Kids Wear by Selfridges

Two girls actively playing in a room with her rental clothes
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Selfridges expanded their rental offerings with their kids wear rental collection, featuring outerwear, streetwear, skiwear, occasion-wear and accessories. The offer is powered by Hurr, a rental platform, and the purpose of this service is to provide a more planet-friendly option for children, since they are likely to regularly grow out of their clothes year after year.

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The fashion industry is known to contribute tons of CO2 emissions on a global scale. Looking within the kids wear section, throwing out of clothes appears to be more frequent than adult clothing, because children are growing out of their clothes every year. By bringing a rental service for kids wear, Selfridges is helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions needed to decompose clothing in landfills .‍*The fashion industry produces 8 to 10 percent of global CO2 emissions (Nature Reviews Earth & Environment). More than 183 million items of kids’ clothing are thrown into landfill each year (Future Net Zero).


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