Blink redesigned and modernized the retail concept and visual identity for Swedish DIY, garden and agriculture retailer.

Granngården (name meaning “The neighbor’s farm”) is one of the largest non-food retailers in terms of national coverage and number of stores (112) in Sweden. Granngården’s roots lie in Swedish farming, which gives the chain a unique expertise within agriculture and farm animal production.

Granngården has been totally redesigned and modernized by Blink – from the visual identity to improved lay-out, assortment, store design and merchandising. With inspiration and knowledge, Granngården offers solutions for happier animals and greener farming.


Blink helped convert a 150 year old farmer’s cooperative into a consumer mass market retail concept – with simplistic design and clean lines.


The concept focuses on the brand’s farming heritage and its competence of handling animals, growing crops and living the country life.


Blink helped develop Granngården’s big box country life stores, that also caters to suburb families with pets and active lifestyles. The store ambience is inspired by modern farm industry. Blink also developed the logo and the visual identity including an own brand product line.


The concept delivered immediate results with profits going from -70 Msek to +180 Msek in 18months.
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