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    Retail concept development, Omnichannel, strategy

Deli kitchen counter in white square tiles with meals
Bakery cafe counter in wood and white square tiles next to a large window

Opportunity and concept

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Blink's innovative hybrid concept for Albert Heijn city supermarkets merges the ease of a convenience store with the extensive offerings of a supermarket. Catering to modern consumers' diverse needs for quick bites, on-the-go meals, and comprehensive grocery shopping. Through a holistic approach that combined fresh self-service options, ready-made meals, component cooking solutions, and state-of-the-art omnichannel design, the new format revolutionized the customer journey for city supermarkets and elevated the shopping experience.

Result and impact

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The redesigned Scandinavian Airlines concept has successfully repositioned the airline as a preferred choice for frequent travelers, irrespective of their purpose of travel. The incorporation of state-of-the-art self-serve technology has streamlined the customer journey, saving time and providing a hassle-free experience. By reconnecting with Scandinavian core values through contemporary design and an informal tone of voice, the airline has created a distinct brand identity that resonates with passengers, fostering loyalty and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Discover how

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Blink's transformation of the traditional supermarket model into the Albert Heijn Hybrid City Supermarket by blending convenience, variety, and innovative technology, Blink reimagined the shopping journey, setting a new benchmark for retail experiences in the digital age of convenience grocery retail.

Key concept features
Concept Fusion: Balancing Convenience and Variety
Blink's team innovated and collaborated extensively with Albert Heijn to fuse the convenience store and supermarket concepts. The resulting hybrid design was the foundation for the Albert Heijn Hybrid City Supermarket.

Seamless Customer Journey: zoned Layout
The store layout was meticulously crafted with distinct zones. The entrance showcased quick bites like sushi, pizzas, and sandwiches, transitioning to ready-made meals and fresh ingredients for home cooking. This zoned layout intuitively guided customers through their desired shopping experience.

Ready to eat food service: fresh food
Extensive offering all day: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Component Cooking Solutions
The concept of 'component cooking' was introduced, where customers could purchase pre-prepped components to create customized meals quickly. This approach aligned with modern consumers' desire for both convenience and customization.

Omnichannel Integration
State-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrated
online and offline experiences. The smartphone app enabled customers to create shopping lists, explore in-store offers, and even pre-order items for pickup.


Enhanced Customer Experience:
The Albert Heijn Hybrid City Supermarket's design elevated the shopping experience. Customers could now fulfill a spectrum of needs – from a quick in-store snack to a comprehensive grocery shopping trip – all under one roof.

Increased Footfall:
The innovative design attracted a diverse customer base, leading to increased footfall and prolonged visits.

Positive Feedback:
Customer feedback highlighted the ease of use, the excitement of component cooking solutions, and the store's seamless integration with their busy lifestyles.

Omnichannel Success:
The omnichannel integration was well-received, with a significant number of customers embracing the app's features for efficient shopping.

Albert Heijn vegetable section with sale products
Albert Heijn vegetable section with a column wrapped around with wooden line shelves
Discount aisle with orange 'Bonus' shelves in a row

“Sale sare up above expectations. There is a significantly higher number of transactions and a greatly improved food experience.”

— Remco Duchardt, format manager at Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn chef preparing meals in the deli kitchen
Fresh sushi aligned in a shelf
Bread counter with three rows of aligned bread
A person filling a bottle with orange juice from the juice squeezer
Close up of a checkout screen
Albert Heijn 'Biolegisch' shelf of vegetables with green indicator

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

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