This new omnichannel concept developed by Blink is designed to help Telenor's customers to take the next leap in their digital lives.








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Telenor store front with interactive digital screens and wooden fixtures
Meeting desk of customer and staff with digital screens and vr headset, assisting customers as digital partners

Opportunity and concept

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A new generation of customers with increasingly digital lifestyles has driven Telenor to start a transformation from being a phone operator to becoming a partner in the digital life. Blink assisted Telenor in formulating and realizing this vision. They also needed a way to showcase and package their knowledge and services in a physical space – while simultaneously making sure that there is a coherent experience across all touch points.

Blink created an omnichannel concept – “giant leaps toward the digital life” – directed both at customers, but also internally at Telenor to ensure that they become the digital partner and expert they have the vision to be. The new store also boasts a lot of “firsts” in the industry when it comes to omnichannel features and functionality. For example, there is an express, self-service checkout if you are in a hurry as well as a digital queue system for busy days which allows you to get a text when it is your turn to get assistance.

Result and impact

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Blink created an omnichannel concept for Telenor’s vision to become a “Digital PT” that tied together the different channels and developed a store concept to fit the new customers and their needs in their digital lives. One of the main insights in the project is that there is no “one size fits all” in the digital life. Just as in regular life, every Telenor customer’s life is different from the next – implying the new concept must cater to many different needs.

A physical, pilot store with many state-of-the-art omnichannel features opened in the spring of 2017. The store has designated areas for taking the “giant leaps” – whether it is about a “digital calm” of feeling that you are in control of a sometimes confusing digital life or getting the latest, cutting-edge technology to gear up and take one step further in your digital lifestyle or designing your “smart home”. The new store is a place that is in a constant change of state, there is always something to learn and experience for customers.

Digital screen for self service checkout built in wooden table
Customer using telenor digital service on screen
Product display on podiums
Staff standing behind a checkout counter with digital screens showing telenor contents
Product display of smartphones and tablets with interactive digital screens showing telenor contents and advertisement
Product display of headphones and smartphone accessories with digital screens showing telenor contents
Earphones and headphone product display on a cork wall with digital screens showing deals
Interior of the store with interactive digital screens on podiums showing 'limitless music' and deals

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

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