Blink helped create a new retail concept that was coined "The Green IKEA" for the largest garden center chain in Scandinavia.

Plantagen is the largest garden center chain in Scandinavia with over 145 stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The business idea is to offer inspiration at affordable prices combined with a wide assortment of everything you need for the green spaces in your home - an offering that generated over 12 million customer transactions the last year.


Plantagen wants to make attractive gardens and green spaces reachable for everybody in terms of cost and ease of use. The company’s mission is to improve life with plants for the many. The passion for plants is also matched by a passion for people and the environment, with sustainability as an integral part of the business strategy.


Blink helped Plantagen create a new retail concept to better display inspiring solutions – at great value. The project involved every aspect of the store design from lay-out to the physical environment – both 3D and the permanent store communications.


The concept was coined ”The Green IKEA”, big box garden centers located in over-sized glass green houses. Presentations are made IKEA style, with inspiration areas and get-the-look displays. Attractive promotions and big price signs create inspiration and a clear value ambience.


Private equity owner EQT sold Plantagen after three years, earning 300 M Euros. The new ground-breaking concept redefined the garden category in Scandinavia. Today many has tried to imitate the Plantagen concept.
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