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Blink helped develop the next generation Hypermarket for ICA, “The Sustainable Hypermarket.”

Plan for ICA

Aim: The Sustainable Hypermarket

Blink´s assignment: develop the next generation Hypermarket for ICA, “The Sustainable Hypermarket.”
ICA is one of the Nordic region’s main players in grocery retail with net sales of around SEK 126 billion and around 23,000 employees, most of them in Sweden and the Baltic region.

The aim of this concept is to reduce 50% of waste - a step change in sustainability. This is how we make it happen:


‍Next generation coolers, improving shelf life


Shelf life optimization

Farm to Table

Less transport & better taste

No Plastic

Replaced by recycled & non-fossil


Good, short date with reduced price

Food Craftsmanship

From scratch in-store food production


Turning waste into great food again

Sustainable Design

‍Thinking, materials and production


Local restaurants turn due date groceries into amazing food

Bio Compost

Creating soil and gas from our food waste
portal of ICA


Put a Food hall and a Wholesaler under the same roof, then create sightlines and passages between them: there you have it! The contrasting worlds “joy of food” and “joy of things.” This makes the customer journeys more inspiring and longer. The layout resembles a small city center with categories as boroughs defined by a dynamic mix of walls with passages, high and low presentations. Sight lines attract you to browse onwards, great deals and inspiration around each corner!
bread, cheese, vegetableICA's onion section
Vegetable of ICA Maxi


The new ICA MAXI Hypermarket format should be a step change in sustainability, “food theater”, omni-channel integration and smooth shopping. Food and food craftsmanship are at the heart and soul of ICA MAXI. You also have the convenience of shopping the everyday items you need here - all under one roof. It´s smooth shopping, no matter what customer journey or mission you´re on; click and collect, convenience or the Big shopping trip. Maybe you just pop by for a healthy and tasty meal at the restaurant or stop by to collect your online purchase.
ready-made meal area
Cheese area


ICA MAXI is the Hypermarket format for ICA, Sweden’s number one grocery retailer. The format is very successful, still consumer insight pointed out that the traditional Hypermarket format needed an update. Trends like digital transformation, sustainability, urbanization, convenience and more pointed out that new generations of consumers want to shop in different ways, and have slightly different values, needs, and wants than previous generations of consumers.


ICA is a publicly listed company, therefore Blink is not allowed to share further information. Please contact ICA for additional input on results www.ica.se
exterior of tesco extra hypermarket
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