Albert Heijn XL contemporary food hall with fruits assortment and island stall  offering customer service

Albert Heijn XL – the contemporary foodhall. This new omnichannel concept that Blink developed for Albert Heijn XL shows that big formats can be fresh too.


    Albert Heijn


    Holland, The Netherlands


    Foodhall/grocery retail


    Customer journey, Branding, Identity

'Tapas' 'cheese' 'bread' department island stalls with neon signage for seamless navigation and smooth shopping experience
Delicated meat preparation station with skilled chef crafting food offering fresh culinary experience

Opportunity and concept

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Blink's innovative design puts food itself in the spotlight with a clear and powerful balance between product and store. A series of island stalls showcasing produce and interactive displays at the forefront, with preparation stations featuring for example pizza and sushi chefs. Clear sightlines between the different departments, a warm and simple palette of materials and a subtle lighting strategy in different colour temperatures ensures the different food stands and islands stand out.

Result and impact

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Blink's contemporary foodhall design for Albert Heijn XL has revolutionized the way customers engage with food shopping. A contemporary foodhall that celebrates the beauty of food. By placing the focus on high-quality products and interactive experiences, the store has become a culinary destination that resonates with food enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike.

Discover how

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We explore Blink's cutting-edge retail design for Albert Heijn XL, an innovative foodhall that redefines the shopping experience. By showcasing an enticing series of island stalls, interactive displays, and preparation stations featuring skilled chefs, Blink's design elevates the spotlight on food itself. The strategic use of clear sight-lines, a warm and simple material palette, and subtle lighting in different color temperatures ensure that each department stands out uniquely.

Island Stalls and Interactive Displays:
Blink's design ingeniously places island stalls and interactive displays at the forefront of the foodhall. These showcases draw customers in, enticing them with the abundance of fresh produce and delightful culinary experiences.

Expert Preparation Stations:
The foodhall features dedicated preparation stations, with skilled chefs crafting delectable dishes right before customers' eyes. From artisanal pizzas to exquisite sushi, these preparation areas offer a captivating and immersive experience.

Clear Sightlines for Seamless Navigation:
A thoughtfully designed layout allows for clear sightlines between different departments, ensuring easy navigation and a smooth shopping experience for customers.

Warm and Simple Palette of Materials:
The design employs a warm and simple material palette, enhancing the ambiance and creating a welcoming atmosphere. The careful selection of materials complements the food's aesthetics and encourages exploration.

Subtle Lighting Strategy:
Blink's lighting strategy employs different color temperatures to accentuate the food stands and islands. Subtle and well-placed lighting enhances the visual appeal of the products, creating a captivating ambiance throughout the foodhall.

This case study delves into Blink's innovative design for Albert Heijn XL, a contemporary foodhall that celebrates the beauty of food. With island stalls, interactive displays, expert preparation stations, and a warm material palette, the design strikes a perfect balance between showcasing products and creating an immersive shopping experience. Through thoughtful layout and lighting strategies, the foodhall offers a visual feast that captivates and delights visitors at every turn.

Meat culinary station of sustainable wooden island stall with stainless counter

“Keeping this freezer at -18C actually generates a lot of heat. We use that heat to warm the store”

— Albert Heijn XL

Food assortment in fridges
Sale isle with popping yellow shelves written 'bonus' and hero island tables
'Tapas' 'cheese' 'bread' department island stalls with neon signage for seamless navigation and smooth shopping experience
Chef crafting artisanal dishes of sushi
Grill culinary station with interactive displays and communication graphics to draw customers in
Albert Heijn XL store front facade with a photo of sfaffs

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

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