Albert Heijn XL

This new omnichannel concept that Blink developed for Albert Heijn XL shows that big formats can be fresh too.


New competitor initiatives are gaining in on Albert Heijn as the natural food retailing leader. The new XL format shall reinvent Albert Heijn as best in fresh with a focus on groceries and fresh food departments.


From “doing groceries”, to a “shopping trip for food”. A next generation food store refocusing on foodie inspiration where omnichannel services are a natural and integrated part of the shopping trip.


His Master's voice: a contemporary and personal foodie expression, distancing Albert Heijn from the general trend with nostalgic farmer's market style stores. True omnichannel with click and collect, mobile self-scan and interactive displays.


First store with new concept opened in Eindhoven February 5th 2015. Blink developed the concept together with our Dutch friends Claessens-Erdmann architects.
Deli kitchen of Albert Heijn Supermarket
exterior of tesco extra hypermarket
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