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Blink helped the national wire service in Sweden develop a new one-brand structure, together with their brand architecture and visual identity.

TT News Agency is the national wire service in Sweden with a history dating back to the 1920's. TT News Agency is a full-service supplier of multi-media content and services to Swedish news press and media.


Changes in the media industry calls for an integration of text, images, graphics when it comes to news agency services. TT needed a more integrated approach in times when the customers – the Swedish media houses – fight for survival.


Blink helped TT develop a new one-brand structure. Four brands were merged into one: TT. The old brands Scanpix, Svenska Grafikbyrån and Spektra, etc were discontinued.


The new TT News Agency is a one stop shop for news in all formats. The new logotype is the news world’s waking eye and the black visual identity gives a contemporary and serious feel to a very professional organization.


The brand strategy and the visual identity was very well received on the market and in the organization.
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