Wayout International
A Swedish SustainTech company.
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Wayout develops sustainable commercial beverage production micro factories. Sweden leads the world in developing high-impact sustainable designs.
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“Our shared vision is to
re-terraform Earth”
Martin Renck,
Founder - Wayout
Disruptive Micro Brewery Factories
Wayout is introducing a revolutionary way of brewing and producing popular drinks, with minimal environmental impact: beverage micro-factories.
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Reducing plastic and need for transportation
The concept of micro-factories is simple. Instead of shipping bottles across the globe and polluting the air through fossil-fuel transportation, micro-factories allow communities, restaurants, and breweries to produce beverages and purified water in-house, reducing the need for transportation and logistics. The goal of this concept is to localize drink production everywhere, so that even communities with limited resources can produce safe drinking water, without contaminating surroundings with plastic or glass bottles.
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Wayout is a disruptive game changer in Sustain Tech, it's like 3D-printing water”
Richard Kylberg,
Founder - Blink
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