Blink helped to visualize a future for AutoStore in retail.

Video courtesy of Autostore
this out!
this out!

What is AutoStore?

AutoStore is a robot technology company that invents storage automation systems. With over 500 installations in over 30 countries, AutoStore is trusted by some of the biggest brands. We partnered with them to visualize a future for AutoStore in retail.
“The future of retail operations”
Video courtesy of Autostore

Existing store space and backroom for storage

Alternative 1
Reduce backroom space. Keep or expand available stock in the high-density storage

Alternative 2
Expand store space by integrating previous backroom space to the store

Alternative 3
Reduce both backroom and store space. Keep or expand available stock with high-density storage

Retail redefined

With retail being disrupted by digital possibilities and customers have fewer reasons to visit physical stores, AutoStore is moving from solving warehouse challenges to solving new needs of consumers and retailers in-store. We took on the challenge to create a vision of what modern retail solutions - store stocking and pick-up solution for online orders - could look like.

Visualizing the future

We visualized different ways in which AutoStore can make the future store more efficient; wider assortment in-store, increase the staff’s time for service in store, faster and more efficient home delivery from store with microfulfillment solutions directly from stores available 24/7.
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