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Blink's omnichannel concept for Nobia has revolutionized the customer journey in kitchen buying for the Sigdal brand.

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Nobia, the leading kitchen company in Europe, had realized that today’s kitchen buyers had new requirements on the kitchen-buying process. Not only are they digital by default, but also as food and cooking is increasingly becoming lifestyle definers, the kitchen has become the heart of the home. Therefore, customers want to be able to create their very own kitchen – and they want to do it their way. The old way of selling kitchens, a salesperson in a store displaying a couple of display kitchens is not cutting it anymore.


Blink, in cooperation with Doberman, created a brand new omnichannel concept for Nobia. We revisited every part of the customer journey, from inspiration to finalized purchase, to identify the requirements modern customers have on their kitchen buying process. We developed a “Yes, you can!”-vision, a complete turnaround from earlier, rigid sales processes. Now, the customer can interact with Nobia in any way they would like – across all channels, regardless of where they are in the customer journey. Having no dead ends, the concept ensures that the next step in the kitchen buying process is intuitive and friction-free – while simultaneously making it more fun and allowing customers to create their very own dream kitchen.


The omnichannel concept was first implemented for Nobia’s brand Sigdal in Norway. The stores, with full digital and omnichannel integration, are something you have never seen in a kitchen store: a warm, inspiring creation studio. Here, you can ask questions to the kitchen-experts and gather inspiration in extended shelves or find the style you like in configurators, using the inspiration they have seen gathered to see what they like within the range. If you find something you like, save it in the form of “sample cards” that can be stored online or in a physical folder together with notes, drawings and price quotes. When you are further into the process, you can configurate the kitchen digitally using 3D-printed modules, or start drawing in the 3D-tool, and then continue at home. The creative and friendly atmosphere helps customers unleash your creativity and gives you the power to create the kitchen of your dreams.


A pilot of the concept applied to Sigdal rolled out in Norway in the spring of 2017. Sigdal’s customers embraced the new opportunities to make the kitchen-buying process easier, and sales staff appreciate the new tools that allow them to interact more close to, and more efficiently, with customers. With a seamless omnichannel experience with no dead ends, and a store that is warm and welcoming place – buying a kitchen is now less intimidating and much more manageable and infinitely more fun! The concept is currently being rolled out for Sigdal and is currently being modified to apply to other brands in the group, due to roll out in the fall of 2017.
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