Blink helped create a facade which attracts locals and tourists alike who can experience and learn about Stockholm.


Stockholmsrummet in Kulturhuset is an experience center for inhabitants and tourists to learn about how Stockholm is growing. Inside, there is a vast amount of experiences, digital as well as physical – but the facade does not live up to the expectations. Despite the location, in the heart of Stockholm, it is hard to find. The facade is dark and dull without anything that really attracts people. Blink’s assignment was to create something intriguing to attract visitors to go in and take part of the experiences inside.


To make people notice, understand and want to go in and take part of the experiences in Stockholmsrummet, Blink created a frame to highlight the premises. The frame is built out of LED-screens. Blink created an animated map of Stockholm, based on the Stockholm brand identity, that slowly moves, creating impact to the environment outside. The content of the screen can be changed when special events take place in town.
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