Beauty Bargain

Blink created the visual identity, the logotype, the web page and the store concept for Swedish department store Åhléns’ independent beauty store chain Beauty Bargain.

True omnichannel

Swedish department store giant Åhléns has launched a new independent beauty concept in Sweden, Beauty Bargain. Beauty Bargain offers a mix of established brand favorites as well as new and contemporary brands. The focus is on beauty and well-being, but also on products that inspire and puts a spice on life. Beauty Bargain is launched online and in physical stores in parallel.

Good-looking deals

Beauty Bargain turned to Blink to create an energy-filled, inspiring candy shop filled with delicious beauty products - both physically and online. By using yellow warm tones, tactile materials, coral-colored plexi sheets, mirrors, transparency, light and textiles, Blink created an interesting and modern store environment where the products are highlighted and glorified.

Logo and visual identity

The physical store took shape in parallel with the work of developing Beauty Bargain's graphic identity. Blink created an identity that reflects the meeting between beauty and bargain that works through all channels. One cornerstone of the work was to link together the playful online expression, the physical store and the genuine personal meeting in the store.
“The inspiration to the visual identity came from the materiality and color of makeup - a playful palette of BEAUTY expressions paired with the simple clarity and boldness of BARGAIN.”

The right mix

Beauty Bargain focuses on value – offering a combination of good products at a good price –  but at the same time giving the consumer a surprisingly nice experience. This is reflected in the concept design where inexpensive materials are complemented with a more exclusive palette. This creates a unique touch and an attractive, down-to-earth beauty feel.

Engaging with consumers

The concept also features an e-commerce site with a loyalty program built on gamification. The program encourages customers to get involved, interact and build the community – and they are rewarded for creating content that makes the experience better for others. The user-generated content, such as reviews and ratings, is also used in-store to enhance the physical experience too.

The in-store journey

The physical stores have a clear flow where the customer is led around in a distinct in-store journey, which is occasionally broken by inspirational and surprising moments.
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