Fruit and Vegetable department with fresh atmosphere mixing in playful communication

Blink designed the small supermarket concept of Magnit Convenience for smooth everyday shopping.






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Entrance of Magnit with price communications on wood wall and digital screens on shelves
Brand design book of communication elements

Opportunity and concept

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We designed the small supermarket concept for Magnit, the Russian retail giant with over 20.000 stores all over Russia. This urban convenience concept was developed for smooth everyday shopping. It is a friendly neighborhood store focusing on fresh food and ready-made meals, with completely redesigned interior and new assortments, making the overall ambiance more emotional and also digitalizing every aspect of the store.

We created an atmosphere of freshness through presentation, materials and communications – mixing a playful tone of voice with a well-thought-out total shopping experience. The aim of the concept design is to reconnect Magnit with the urban Russian consumer and show the care about food that the brand is all about.

Result and impact

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This store concept is particularly focused on the fresh categories, which is more than 35% of the space. We made the layout with three different types of shopping trips in mind. A customer wishing to stock up on products for the entire family can easily make their way through all products categories. The 'novelty enthusiast' passes the fresh categories, coffee, ready-to-eat meals, and ends at self-service checkouts. The 'quick shopper' spends less time shopping in a journey that includes the most attractive propositions in the fruits and vegetables area, as well as dairy and drinks. We added bakeries and a tea time area (sweets/confectionary/cafe) where customers can sit down for a quick bite.

The store is outfitted with digital solutions in order to help customers shop, reduce time for purchases, and also optimize processes for the store personnel. The store is the first store in Russia to have dual-mode checkouts that can work both as self-service terminals and as standard cashier-operated checkouts. LED screens communicate useful content; and make communication with customers more interactive. There are also digital shelf edge screens with product information.

Confectionary department with round hero shelf
Communication splash of special products
Brand communication graphics of departments
Brand communication splash of price and news

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

Want to know more about this project?
Contact Richard Kylberg, founder of Blink

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