Stadium, the leading sports retailer in Scandinavia, asked us to help develop their new omnichannel retail concept.

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Stadium offers modern, functional sport & sportswear at the best price and has the aim of becoming a leading omnichannel player. There is an increased interest in sports and health among consumers with a convergence between sports and fashion.
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Stadium’s vision.
Our vision is to activate the world – today and tomorrow. This is why we are actively contributing to a more sustainable world. By acting in a socially, financially and environmentally conscious manner, we promote a healthy lifestyle today and for future generations. As part of this ambition, our values are the compass that guides our work.


The main strategy for the concept upgrade is to re-define the relevance for the sports generalist in the digital age. The shopping experience focuses on six hero sports categories – with both international brands and a strong own brand portfolio. The omnichannel feeling is evident, with extended shelves on digital touchscreens giving the customers access to Stadium’s entire range.


The internal name of the new concept is Gradum – latin for “next level”. It builds strongly on the Stadium brand DNA. It is based on the fact that consumers start – and sometimes finish – their shopping journeys online. The new concept caters to the interaction of physical and digital commerce. The store has a Scandinavian sports ambience that is modern, sustainable, with a bit of high-tech feel and high product density.


The new concept was initially launched in central Stockholm, Sweden, in a 1400 square meter store. Karl Eklöf, Stadium’s CEO notes: “The new retail concept is playful, but clear. It is more inspirational and the products can speak for themselves to a greater extent. The shopping experience is clearly sharpened. With the upgraded concept, Stadium is moving into the future. This is the next level”.
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